Spa Oasis

Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and an irresistable relax room will ensure you an unforgettable experience. In our spa oasis, you will experience the different essences of the water steam and high temperature.

The Finnish Sauna

The tradition of Finnish saunas old is already 2000 years. Spread throughout the world the healing and soothing effect on the mind and body. The benefits of saunas on your health and beauty of the preservation of the health of the heart and blood vessels, boosting the immune system and ridding the body of harmful substances and toxins.

Turkish bath

After the Finnish sauna has the best selection of Turkish bath, where a high percentage of humidity opens the airways, clean pores and is the very best preparation for deep body scrub.

Relax room

Relax after a stay in the sauna in our room relax, enjoy moments of silence...