Superb gastro

Hotel Central offers a rich choice of catering services on different locations – from informal café to elegant restaurant, beginning with domestic meals made in different ways to innovate creations in which tradition and modern trends are combined with its secret aromas, essences and flavors of local and international cuisine. If you want to expand your gastronomic experiences you should visit restaurant of the hotel Central.

Comfort and pleasant atmosphere, professionalism and kindness of the staff with the unavoidable gastronomic pleasure and delicacies are the highlight of the hotel offer. We offer top gastronomic specialties, domestic and international meals which are prepared with high quality and professionally served and new culinary trends as well.

In every day offer you can find a wide range of national meals and the most famous European and oriental cuisines, rich menu of cold and warm meals, salads and far away known sweets and high-quality wine. In our hotel you can also find: Pizzeria Central, Café bar pastry Galerija, Lobby Café bar and Pot-house.